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foxe's Journal

3 June 1979
"the intricacies of life", (obscure) board games, acting, aicsa, art, being ephant's minion, belly dancing, botanical zombology, breasts, burlington society, cackling bwahahaha!, card games, cello, chips for free, chips&chips&chips, choirs, cooking, couscous, decoding perl, deep-frying, deep-frying everything!, deep-frying potatoes!, deep-frying sweet-chilli-sauce (um?!), diving, english spelling, everything else, fanfic, food, gerontophilia snuff movies what-is-tim-on??, getting more random interests, harry potter, holy god biscuits, joshua bell, juggling, juggling couscous, keeping imaginary pet scorpions, lee, marillion, monucs, mucs, music, nasal sex, out of cheese error, peeling potatoes, philosophy, piano, post-modern viagra, potatoes, prog, quilts (staying in bed!), random weekends in europe, reading, reading other people's books, rocs, running, science, shh!potatoes, singing, singing on trams, snorkelling, steve hogarth, sushi, sweet chilli sauce, sweetchillisauce on toastedcheesesandwiches, szechuan cooking, thai food, theatre, things beginning with w, travelling, violin, wine, writing